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Tamara Drewe

111 min    |   2010

Based on Posy Simmonds' much-loved graphic novel, which in turn was inspired by Thomas Hardy's Far From the Madding Crowd, this is a joyful but occasionally dark comedy about a young newspaper journalist torn between two lovers. Tamara Drewe's childhood home is being sold, and her return to the rural Dorset village where she grew up causes something of a stir. Having left as an awkward teenager she returns as a smouldering femme fatale, kicking up a storm of envy, lust and gossip
wherever she goes. Tamara is the ultimate modern girl but her story of love and confusion is timeless.

  • Director: Stephen Frears

  • Genre: Comedy

  • Starring: Gemma Arterton, Roger Allam, Bill Camp, Dominic Cooper, Luke Evans

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