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105 min    |   2015  

Ben Cahill (Josh Duhamel) is a young and ambitious attorney who works at a prestigious law firm in New Orleans. Ben is married to Charlotte (Alice Eve), an emergency room physician. After Charlotte has a miscarriage, the couple becomes more distant with each other. Charlotte takes on more shifts at the hospital while Ben works long hours at the law firm.  Ben’s hard work starts to pay off as he begins winning big cases. The more he wins, the more he works and the further his marriage falls apart. There is another distraction for the young couple. A mysterious ex-girlfriend from college, Emily Hynes (Malin Akerman), reappears unexpectedly in Ben’s life.  Emily works at Pierson Pharmaceuticals, an industry-leading drug manufacturer. Emily is dating her boss, the company’s CEO, Charles Denning (Anthony Hopkins). Often ignored by her billionaire boyfriend, Emily is upset and feeling neglected. She manipulates Ben into coming back to her apartment. As she seduces him, she offers to give him confidential information that is damaging to Pierson Pharmaceuticals and to Denning personally. She has evidence showing clinical trials of new drugs were altered so that they could be released to the market without incident. The sale of the drug earned the company millions of dollars and caused the death of hundreds of people.  The evidence shows Denning was involved in the cover up.  A case against the pharmaceutical company would be a golden opportunity for Ben at his law firm.
Ben approaches the senior partner, Charles Abrams (Al Pacino), about taking on the case. He knows this would be the firm’s highest profile case. Winning could elevate Ben to be a partner of the firm. Abrams agrees to take on the case, and warns Ben to be cautious of the source of the evidence. Ben is on top of the world and believes nothing could go wrong. He knows he still loves his wife and so he dismisses further advances from Emily. This only encourages Emily to stalk Ben and threaten him and his marriage. At the same time a mysterious man (Byung-hun Lee) whom we think has been hired by Denning threatens Ben and his wife in an attempt to dismiss the case against the CEO. Not able to reach Emily by phone, Ben goes to her apartment only to find her dead. Ben is afraid that he will be accused of killing Emily and that his wife will find out about their affair. He panics and leaves without reporting her death.
Ben quickly sees his life and career going downhill. He is drawn into a murder case in which he is the main suspect and now his life is being threatened by a powerful CEO. On the run for his life, he must put his legal skills into practice to investigate what really happened to Emily and to protect himself and his wife from the threats of a vicious assassin.

  • Director: Shintaro Shimosawa

  • Genre: Drama

  • Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino, Josh Duhamel

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