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91 min    |   2004

Tamy is a dreamy girl, who has "Poetic Schizophrenia," a rare personality disorder which makes her imagine that her life is a film plot and that she is the star. In real life, she is an ordinary girl, who lives with her cousin Ayala. They both fall in love with Johney Rocker, a hit rock star, who prefers Ayala, and Tamy finds it difficult to get over him. At some point, when Ayala makes Tamy very angry, the director of the film suddenly enters, fires Ayala and casts a new Ayala instead. The story continues as if nothing happened, but the crisis
between the girls aggravates, and from time to time, when daily events are hard for Tamy to handle, she "stops the film" and enters her imaginary world in the shape of the director, the actors behind the
characters, sound equipment etc. And so it seems that we are watching a film inside a film, but as the story continues we realize that what seems real, the backstage of the movie, is in fact the wild imagination and schizophrenic mind of Tamy.

  • Director: Nimrod Etsion-Koren, Saar Lachmi

  • Genre: Israeli

  • Starring: Riki Blich, Ohad Knoller, Einat Weitzman

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